Experience your own personal health revolution!

More than 1,000 graduates attest to the success of this much loved program designed to support your immersion in 40 days of yoga practice, healthy eating, and meditation. Whether you have been practicing yoga or are new to the experience, 40 days – guided, supported by a yoga studio, and in community – can transform your approach to health.

During the 40 Day (R)EVOLUTION, you have a weekly group meeting and unlimited access to yoga classes here at All That Matters. Whether you go once per week or twice per day, attention to and dedication to the practice can have profound impacts. Students report best results from going to two or more yoga classes a week.

Join All That Matters’ team of teachers to:

  • Work with specific tools to transform old habits into new healthy choices for lasting change
  • Learn how to meditate with weekly lessons and group sessions
  • Understand the best way to practice yoga for your body
  • Gain new insights into your eating patterns.

Featured in SO Rhode Island magazine! Read about one graduate’s personal journey with the 40 Day (R)EVOLUTION in SO Rhode Island magazine. The article titled, “A Mindfulness Revolution,” speaks to the program’s ability to create space for stillness and reflection, and lay the “groundwork for a fresh perspective” on life.




6 Meetings + Unlimited Yoga

Week 1: Both locations meet together in East Greenwich on Sunday, September 22, 2:30pm–4pm

Weeks 2-6:

  • East Greenwich: Tuesdays, Sep 24–Oct 29, 12:30pm–2pm
  • South Kingstown: Wednesdays, Sep 25–Oct 30, 7:30pm–9pm


We’ve made joining the (R)EVOLUTION more affordable than ever before with our new, lower prices!

  • $99 for All That Matters members
  • $295 for non-members
  • NEW SPECIAL OFFER! If you’re a new All That Matters Member since March 2019, you can attend the 40 Day (R)EVOLUTION program for FREE in September 2019!

Learn more about the 40-Day (R)EVOLUTION from Founder Joan Dwyer

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